Webinar Replay

10 Ways to Build the Best Relationships in AEC

Join John Goff, Director of Business Development, and Chris Fay, Founder and CEO of TrebleHook, in discussing the essential strategies for building strong relationships in the AEC industry. This webinar focuses on practical tips and insights to help you foster meaningful connections that drive business success.

Key Points Covered:

  1. Importance of Relationships: Understanding the significance of strong relationships in AEC for repeat business and project success.
  2. Types of Relationships: Differentiating internal and external relationships, including customers, prospects, and influencers.
  3. Focus and Vision: Aligning relationship-building efforts with the firm’s vision and unique value proposition.
  4. Ideal Project Profile: Identifying and targeting the right projects for growth.
  5. Persona Ecosystem: Recognizing key individuals and companies that influence project success.
  6. Relationship Tactics: Tailoring outreach and engagement strategies to different personas.
  7. Consistent Process: Developing a repeatable process for relationship management and follow-up.
  8. Building Genuine Connections: Fostering relationships with authenticity and a long-term perspective.
  9. Delivering Amazing Experiences: Going above and beyond to create memorable interactions and build trust.
  10. Using a System: Leveraging technology to manage relationships and track engagement effectively.