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TrebleHook Customer Spotlight: O’Neal Inc.

O’Neal is a 250 person, employee-owned planning, design, and construction firm in The Business of Project Delivery – integrating overall project planning, design, procurement, and construction to create cost-effective capital solutions. O’Neal delivers complex capital projects for industrial clients in four major industry groups and has offices in Greenville, SC, Allentown, PA, and Atlanta, GA.
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

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“TrebleHook has revolutionized O’Neal’s approach to business development and marketing, offering an intuitive, user-friendly platform that simplifies data analysis and enhances decision-making with its easy-to-understand graphical dashboards.”
John Baker
John Baker
Director of Marketing, O’Neal, Inc.

In today’s Customer Spotlight, we sit down with John Baker, Director of Marketing at O’Neal, Inc., to uncover how TrebleHook has impacted O’Neal’s business.

What Were the Challenges You Were Facing That Led You to Investigate TrebleHook?

We utilized Cosential for four to five years, and we were not seeing much value.

We realized the data in the system was not up to date and was very limited in its value. Our users told us the system was not user-friendly or intuitive, leading to poor adoption. In the end, we felt like we were “pulling teeth” to get our team to use the system just enough to get meaningful complete forecasting and reporting.

I or someone who worked with me wound up having to input enough data to do reporting, which took far more time than we had. Our highly mobile teams are spread across multiple divisions and locations, so forcing them to use a solution that didn’t fit their needs was not the best use of our energy. With these perspectives, we knew we needed to do something different and explore a solution to get significantly more value.

How Has O’Neal Benefited From TrebleHook?

We had a long-standing relationship with TPM (sister company to TrebleHook) and learned about their new solution TrebleHook. After seeing the initial demo, our teams thought it was more intuitive, straightforward, and accomplished everything we needed.

Everybody that looked at TrebleHook had the same impression: “I like this a lot better than what we had because it’s very user-friendly.” “It gets down to the essentials of what we have to be able to do to collect, project and analyze information.” “It’s easy to find, and it’s easy to understand.” So, we got started with TrebleHook and rolled it out to our Business Development, Marketing, and Executive teams.

The other exemplary thing that we’ve found is dashboarding and reporting. Specifically, our dashboard on the homepage has been beneficial. It’s also helpful to others within our organization to better understand where we are with simple, easy-to-understand graphical dashboards.

The graphs on the homepage tell the story well, and we’ll be using that as a tool to say to people, “you know what, here’s how we’re performing in some key areas.” We like that the solution is straightforward to use.

We don’t have to input data for our users anymore or manage reports as it is all done automatically. Our users are marketing and business development professionals at O’Neal, so we aren’t into heavy database stuff. We want something easy-to-use and a solution that everybody understands. With TrebleHook, that’s what we’ve received, and we feel that the solution will grow with our business far into the future.

What Has Your Experience Been Working With the TrebleHook Team?

The implementation and rollout of TrebleHook were not difficult at all. You can’t oversimplify a new software rollout; you have to do a good amount of work, but the process was all logical along the way, and we didn’t find it hard at all.

TrebleHooks Zero-to-Go Live in 30 Days or Less proved to be accurate, and it always felt like it was moving in the right direction. I’m not a database person, so I would think most people would find it relatively simple if it satisfied me.

What I thought was helpful in the rollout of TrebleHook for our business was the 3 or 4 user adoption sessions that the TrebleHook team had with our users. Having an expert on the line that could answer all user questions as we rolled out a new solution makes all the difference.

Support has been great, and understanding that we were both coming out of the chute here, that it was a new experience, was helpful with our team’s onboarding. The TrebleHook team has perhaps over-communicated to ensure we met our goals which we greatly appreciated. If any problems arise, we get them solved, so support has been great all around.

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