TrebleHook CRM for AEC Industry

CRM platform built for AEC

TrebleHook is an industry-specific CRM platform built on Salesforce that provides teams within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry with comprehensive tools to pursue and secure the best projects.

TrebleHook CRM helps AEC business developers, marketers, and executives succeed.

TrebleHook CRM is invested in helping AEC business developers, marketers, and executives succeed by expanding their revenue and becoming more profitable.



Architects – say goodbye to chaos and hello to TrebleHook AEC CRM! Built for your unique needs, TrebleHook helps architecture firms streamline communication, keep track of customer relationships, control operations, and spot growth opportunities.


Engineering firms need more than just a run-of-the-mill CRM system. With TrebleHook, you get industry-leading best practices that are the product of decades of experience specifically tailored to help business development and marketing teams excel like never before.


Building a successful project starts with strong relationships. TrebleHook CRM’s understanding of the unique demands of your business will turn collaboration into the cornerstone for success and put you on track to achieving great things.

Business Development & Seller-Doers win more of the right work.

If you want to succeed in Business Development or as a Seller-Doer, you must use your time wisely. Having the proper tools allows you to retrieve data whenever and wherever you need it. With mobile and Outlook data access, you can easily update contact information, company information, and sales opportunities on the fly.

  • Easily search and filter leads
  • Track connections and conversations
  • Generate accurate reports in minutes
  • Stay organized and efficient with workflows, task lists, and CRM automation (automatic email and call logging)
  • Access critical data from anywhere

Marketers have past project data at their fingertips, giving them more time to create stunning proposals.

As a Marketer, having ready access to accurate project data can make the difference between an average proposal and one that’s sure to wow. TrebleHook provides quick searchable project data at your fingertips, giving you more time to craft engaging documents that increase your success rate.

  • Increase production and hit/win rates
  • Easily search and locate relevant project data
  • Generate proposals, resumes, qualification packages, and other documents on demand
  • Improve communications with team members
  • Create and store document templates

Principals, Executives, and Owners make data-driven decisions based on accurate data

Principals, Executives, and Owners have demanding roles at AEC firms. They are tasked with making critical decisions that directly impact the success of their projects and the firm. TrebleHook helps executives make data-driven decisions with its intuitive interface, easy-to-use tools, and comprehensive reports.

  • Reduce the risk to your business while increasing your revenue
  • See everything that’s happening as it happens with convenient dashboards and robust reporting tools.
  • TrebleHook consolidates your pursuit and project data so you can easily reference it in one place.
  • Identify top clients and projects
  • Increase margins by pursuing more of the “right” projects
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