TrebleHook was born from listening and understanding the challenges that AEC professionals face on a daily basis.

We were hearing things like:


I’m not too fond of our industry software solutions. They are hard to use, rarely adopted, and can’t be customized to our firm.


It takes hours, if not days, to find information on past projects.


Our current CRM solution is not intuitive, doesn’t integrate well, and no one likes it.


We are doing so much manual work in Excel, Access, and other solutions to provide critical business insights.


We don’t have sound systems to dashboard and report on our business.


Rolling out new software solutions in our company is expensive, takes a ton of time, and never gets fully adopted.


We don’t have anyone in our firm that can manage our systems well.


It’s hard to know which projects to focus on and how to differentiate between them.

Enough was enough, and we knew there was a better way. So, we built TrebleHook.

Leveraging the world’s #1 Customer Platform Salesforce, we created a powerful solution for the AEC industry that focused on:


Business Development


Our team of AEC industry experts was able to build a solution that was easy to deploy, intuitive to use,
and allow our customers to focus their efforts on what they do best.

What does it mean to win the right work?

We also adopted the philosophy that we need to not only help our customers win more work, but win the right work.


The Right Work

We also adopted the philosophy that we need to help our customers win more work and win the right work. The right work means projects with the highest chances of meeting your business goals for profitability, win %, differentiation, and growth.


Deep Insights

We use all of your past project data and powerful AI to give you deep insights into potential projects and where to focus your efforts.

Pledge 1%

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Pledge 1% invites all entrepreneurs and their companies to commit significant resources (product, time, and resources) to support integrating philanthropy into their business from an early stage. We not only support our local community, but we invest dollars back in the AEC industry. Click here to take the pledge.

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