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Do I also need to purchase a Salesforce license?

No, while we leverage the robust infrastructure of Salesforce, TrebleHook operates independently and allows you to pursue and win the right projects 100% within our system.

How many licenses do I need?

Well, that certainly depends on the size and make-up of your organization. Typically, dedicated Business Development and Marketing professionals will need their own licenses. We also recommend that executives who want to see the robust project data and dashboarding also get a license.


What if I already use Salesforce?

No problem, we can add many of the TrebleHook features and functionality to your existing Salesforce ecosystem. Or, we can provide Salesforce consulting to optimize your current environment for your business.


What if our Principals are the ones in charge of pursuing work?

No problem, TrebleHook is super easy and intuitive to use. We can integrate TrebleHook into their workflow with little interference to their typical day.

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