Press Release - TrebleHook AEC CRM

Greenville, SC June 30, 2021 – TrebleHook, a SAAS (Software as a Service) Company headquartered in Greenville, SC, announces the launch of its Project Pursuit Platform for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. TrebleHook is built leveraging the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce Platform and is focused on Centralizing Project Data, Enhancing Customer Relationships, and Pursuing and Landing the Right Projects.

Centralizing Project Data with TrebleHook means integrating with virtually any third-party industry application to bring all critical project data into one simplified interface. The Project pursuit team can then leverage and view this project data through robust dashboards and reports to make the best decisions about the future of their business.

Enhancing Customer Relationships with TrebleHook means that Project Teams are always connected with their Customers and Prospects. Whether in the field or the office, never missing an opportunity to stay in front of the next critical project is crucial.

Lastly, Pursuing and Landing the Right Projects is the lifeblood of the TrebleHook platform. Leveraging past project and company data, TrebleHook gives project pursuit teams critical insights to help predict future project success. Each potential project is assigned a TrebleHook score to identify those projects that will yield the highest ROI (return on investment) and success for the firm, allowing teams to prioritize their time in the right areas.

“TrebleHook was born from listening to the concerns from hundreds of project pursuit teams across the AEC industry. They lacked the right technology, had poor transparency into the entire project lifecycle, and were hungry for a solution that would help them grow. We partnered with Salesforce to create a custom toolset that would help them Pursue and Land the Right Projects without all the headaches of traditional technology implementation.” says Chris Fay, Founder & CEO of TrebleHook.

Trends in the AEC industry suggest that teams are often bogged down internally due to the implementation and adoption of new technology. TrebleHook looks to mitigate those issues by providing and implementing its new platform in 30 days or less, training users to drive high levels of adoption, and providing TrebleHook admin services and support from a team of AEC Industry experts.


TrebleHook, headquartered in Greenville, SC is a Project Pursuit Platform built on the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce. We exist to help AEC professionals Centralize Project Data, Enhance Customer Relationships, and Pursue and Land the Right Projects.