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Tell Us Your Name and What You Do for TrebleHook

My name is Dominic Patrick, and I am a Technical Solutions Consultant for TrebleHook. I work with clients to implement our TrebleHook Salesforce solution, create custom automations, and find ways to improve the TrebleHook product to keep up with market demands. I identify pain points in a company’s current processes and data collection to create scalable tech solutions through discovery. The goal is to save clients time and money and give them better insights into their business’s performance.

I specialize in process automation and user experience. I identify steps in processes that are currently being done manually and build tools that will automatically do some of the more mundane tasks or speed up the process with a better user interface. Some examples of this include triggers to notify specific individuals when certain events happen in a process, dynamic forms for entering data, and formulas to help minimize human error.

What Did You Do Before Coming on Board?

Immediately before joining TrebleHook, I was a Salesforce Consultant. I worked with businesses in many sectors, from non-profits to large for-profit companies. Before that, I was in Marketing for four years. Three years for an airline in South Florida and one year for an obstacle course racing company based in Boston.

I decided I wanted to get out of marketing and into something more technical. I took a six-month full-stack software engineering boot camp to jump-start my tech career, where I learned to code in JavaScript and Python. After graduating from the boot camp, I was introduced to Salesforce through a hiring manager. I felt my new technical skills, paired with my background in developing marketing processes and working with sales teams, were the perfect combination for an effective Salesforce consultant.

Why Did You Join TrebleHook?

I joined TrebleHook because they provide the best solution to fill the need for effective CRM software in the AEC space. The top priority for TrebleHook is creating the best possible product for the client. I am excited to be a part of the process of developing that product and tailoring it to the specific needs of our clients.

I prioritize creating the most value for my clients. I believe it isn’t enough to provide a solution but to provide the most efficient and effective solution possible. At TrebleHook, through strong and supportive leadership, I have the freedom and resources to do just that. I am very excited about the road ahead and the success stories this team will create.

Why Are You a Fan of CRM Software?

CRM software can significantly impact how effective a business can be in its day-to-day and long-term operations. Having a way to store, organize, and view insights into your data can save precious time and money. An organization without a good CRM cannot be as competitive as an organization with one. I have seen the impact the right CRM software can make. Once the system is in place, you will wonder how you worked without it.

What Excites You Most About TrebleHook?

What excites me most is making a lasting impact on our clients. At the end of the day, I want to know that our efforts made it easier for them to succeed. Knowing I had a hand in improving day-to-day operations for organizations and employees and giving them a platform to scale their business in the long term is why I do what I do. I feel very fortunate to have found TrebleHook because I know I will have the opportunity to do this many times, getting better at it each time.

I am also excited to expand and improve upon the TrebleHook product. With Salesforce as our canvas, the possibilities are endless. We will continue to make informed decisions on ways to improve the product. Whether from feedback and recommendations from our clients or internally coming up with and testing new ideas, I know we will provide impressive CRM solutions for AEC firms.

In your opinion, what makes TrebleHook unique?

TrebleHook is unique in that it exclusively focuses on architecture, engineering, and construction. This focus means we already have a foundational understanding of the processes and challenges for organizations in this space. This industry knowledge helps to inform us when building our tech solutions.

That knowledge, combined with utilizing Salesforce, the most powerful CRM software, makes TrebleHook an unmatched solution for AEC firms. We are a passionate team of experts that have the skills and knowledge to solve the most challenging process and data challenges.

Are you looking to get started on your TrebleHook journey and improve your project pursuit process? Let’s talk.

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