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ZAPATA’s Game-Changing Experience with TrebleHook

ZAPATA, a seasoned player in the A&E sector, has made a significant mark serving the DOD and Federal government for over three decades. Specializing in diverse projects ranging from barracks renovations to designing major army munitions plants, ZAPATA stands as a beacon of versatility and excellence. Afsaneh Abree, the Business Development Manager at ZAPATA, faced a challenging scenario when she joined in 2022. The absence of even basic tools for tracking contacts and projects was stark. As Afsaneh recalls, “When I joined the company in May of 2022, we did not even have an Excel sheet to track contacts or projects.”
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“The way TrebleHook customized the platform for us, it is so easy for us that everyone was able to adopt the platform and use it easily.”
Sunny Abree
Afsaneh Abree
Business Development Manager, ZAPATA

The Introduction of TrebleHook

TrebleHook entered ZAPATA’s world through a recommendation from a colleague, bridging the gap between their existing processes and the need for a CRM system. This introduction, facilitated by their connection with TPM, TrebleHook’s parent company, marked a significant turning point.

Challenges Before TrebleHook

Prior to TrebleHook, ZAPATA’s approach to managing contacts and projects was highly fragmented, leading to inefficiencies and communication challenges. Afsaneh describes this period as a time when contacts were managed solely through emails, and projects were scattered across different systems.

TrebleHook’s Transformative Impact

The implementation of TrebleHook brought about a dramatic change in how ZAPATA conducted business. “It has completely transformed our business development meetings,” Afsaneh notes. The new system enabled a more structured and efficient way of managing projects and client interactions.

Customization and Engagement

A key feature of TrebleHook for ZAPATA was the “Engagements” tab, which was custom-built to suit their specific needs. This allowed the team to track various events and measure ROI effectively, enhancing both operational efficiency and marketing efforts.

Smooth Adoption and Effective Support

The adoption of TrebleHook across ZAPATA was facilitated by the exceptional support and guidance from the TrebleHook team. Afsaneh highlights the team’s responsiveness and professionalism, which played a crucial role in the seamless integration of the platform.

Growth and Efficiency with TrebleHook

Post-implementation, ZAPATA has experienced significant growth and improved communication clarity. “We are at a place where we’re growing, and implementing TrebleHook absolutely makes our growth transition smoother,” says Afsaneh.

Overcoming Initial Apprehensions

Initial apprehensions about adopting a new CRM system were quickly dispelled. Afsaneh’s extensive experience with CRMs and the ease of use offered by TrebleHook ensured a swift and comprehensive adoption by the team.

TrebleHook’s Unique Appeal

TrebleHook’s customization and focus on the specific needs of A&E firms distinguished it from other CRM solutions. Afsaneh appreciated this tailored approach, stating, “The most attractive thing about TrebleHook is the fact that it’s tailored for our firm.”

Collaboration with the TrebleHook Team

The collaboration between ZAPATA and the TrebleHook team was marked by mutual respect and a focus on client needs. Afsaneh praises the team for their attentiveness and professionalism.

A Strong Endorsement

Afsaneh enthusiastically recommends TrebleHook, especially to firms within the A&E industry. Its ability to cater to the unique demands of the sector makes it an invaluable tool for companies like ZAPATA.

The Strategic Importance of CRM for Growing Businesses

As ZAPATA continues to reap the benefits of TrebleHook, Afsaneh Abree offers a candid reflection on the value of such an investment, particularly for small businesses navigating growth.

She acknowledges the challenges but underscores the significance: “I know for small businesses this is a big expense, and it can be painful, there will be an overhead, but as they are going through growth, this is a really really crucial investment. This is especially true for companies who have business developers.”

“When companies don’t have CRM they lose all relationships that have been made because when a business developer leaves the company, the relationships go with them.”

This perspective highlights the essential role of a CRM system in not only managing but also preserving valuable business relationships, making it an indispensable tool for sustainable growth and success.


ZAPATA’s experience with TrebleHook showcases the significant benefits of adopting a CRM system that is not only efficient but also customized to meet the specific needs of a business. This case study highlights the power of the right tools in transforming business processes and driving growth.

To learn more about ZAPATA, visit their website.

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