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Time is the most valuable asset of Business Developers in the AEC industry. They must stay ahead of the competition to win new work in a highly competitive industry. But with so much going on, it can be challenging for them to keep up and remain productive.

By having the power of a CRM on their phone, they can reduce manual efforts, streamline their workflow, and improve customer service. They no longer have to be stuck at their computer in the office. A mobile CRM enables them to do tasks and access project data anywhere.

This blog will dive deeper into the benefits of using a mobile CRM solution, specifically in the AEC industry. We’ll examine how it can help Business Developers manage client relationships more effectively, improve their response time, and enhance their professionalism.

We’ll also highlight a CRM and project pursuit platform tailored for AEC firms. With features designed to meet the industry’s unique needs, this solution can help Business Developers take their productivity to the next level.

Let’s dive into the world of mobile CRMs and see how they can help Sales teams succeed in a fast-paced AEC industry.

Business Developers can access project data away from the office

A mobile CRM is vital for Business Developers who spend a lot of their time out of the office meeting with clients. These mobile systems allow critical contact, client, and project information to be stored in the cloud and accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time. This means that Business Developers can stay up-to-date and well-informed, with the ability to access real-time project data from their mobile device or tablet.

Mobile CRM improves experience and builds stronger, more productive client relationships

The benefits of a mobile CRM go beyond simple accessibility conveniences. At a more granular level, with access to pertinent client history and past meeting notes, Business Developers can better prepare for client engagements.

A CRM that tracks customer preferences, interests, and project history is good. But seeing all that information when preparing for a meeting or sitting with a client away from the office is even better.

How can Business Developers drive more meaningful dialogue with their customers? Mobile accessibility plays a huge role. During a meeting, they can quickly pull up similar work they have performed with other clients. By leveraging completed project examples, Business Developers can demonstrate professionalism and highlight their firm’s success stories.

This means they can provide a more informed and personalized client experience, ultimately building stronger and more productive relationships.

Mobile CRM software fosters real-time collaboration in the AEC industry

The importance of collaboration in the AEC industry cannot be understated. What’s even better is having the ability to collaborate in real-time. While Business Developers are on the front lines pursuing new work for their firm, they do not work in a vacuum. They need a strong team of Marketers, Project Managers, and other crucial roles within their firm working with them to win perspective projects. Usually, well-built CRMs even provide teams with Instant Messaging capabilities to communicate with their team members.

Mobile CRM allows other team members to provide updates and view project data at the click of a button. With this level of accessibility, Business Developers have visibility into key members on a specific project team, critical internal resources with existing relationships, or relevant project experience. This can be leveraged with a prospective client, a monumental game-changer for Business Development professionals.

The chances of winning a project are enhanced when teams collaborate and allow each individual to play to their strengths.

Mobile CRMs increase efficiency and productivity

Mobile CRM solutions make AEC Business Development professionals more productive. Successful Business Developers spend less time on administrative tasks and more time interacting with clients and closing deals. A mobile CRM can be a crucial component for firms looking for ways to drive efficiencies that result in significant time savings and increased productivity.

For example, Business Developers can use a mobile CRM to create new leads and contacts, schedule appointments, log activities and conversations, and track the progress of project pursuits. A mobile CRM can significantly impact efficiency and productivity in a good way.

Mobile CRM solutions improve reporting and analytics for Principals and Business Development leaders

Mobile CRM solutions provide AEC Business Development leaders and Principals with better visibility, reporting, and analytics capabilities. How? Complete project information is captured and entered into the CRM without data “slipping through the cracks.” Because this data entry process happens in real-time, projects are always up to date. This provides a more accurate picture of team performance and effortless pipeline management capabilities for individual contributors.

TrebleHook helps Business Developers take their client relationships to the next level

In conclusion, mobile CRM solutions are essential for AEC business development professionals. These professionals must be ready to generate new leads and close deals anytime, anywhere. With hundreds of CRMs on the market today, it can be hard to determine which are effective for your firm. Our team also recognized this, which is how TrebleHook was created.

TrebleHook is a powerful CRM and project pursuit platform explicitly designed for AEC firms. It provides all the capabilities mentioned in this article and so much more. TrebleHook is designed for use on phones or tablets and allows users to access their data and manage customer relationships from anywhere, anytime. This makes it an ideal solution for AEC firms with employees who frequently work in the field or on job sites.

Are you ready to take your client relationships to the next level? We’ll help you take that plunge.

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