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TrebleHook is an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) CRM platform purpose-built for project lifecycle and pursuit management.

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Transform Your AEC Projects with TrebleHook CRM

TrebleHook CRM is dedicated to elevating the success of AEC professionals. By integrating revenue growth strategies with profit-maximizing tools, our platform sets the industry standard for AEC business development, marketing, and executive leadership.


In architecture, vision is everything. TrebleHook centralizes project data, transforming chaos into a cohesive masterpiece. With a 360-degree view of projects, clients, and prospects, you can streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and align every detail with your creative vision.


Engineers thrive on precision and efficiency, and TrebleHook helps achieve both. Seamlessly integrating with your tools, TrebleHook eliminates data silos and boosts team collaboration. With powerful analytics, you can make informed decisions faster, reduce risks, and optimize your project pipeline.


In the construction industry, strong relationships and effective communication are the foundations of success. TrebleHook enhances your ability to manage client relationships and track project progress with ease. Its robust CRM capabilities ensure you never miss a beat, from initial bid to project completion.

Do more with features made for AEC firms

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Supporting every project, one stage at a time.

Traditional CRM systems do not cater to the specific needs of AEC firms, lacking a framework for project-specific lifecycle stages like proposals and contracts. These systems can be overly complex and hard to use. TrebleHook shares the same focus as your firm – projects. It understands that your business revolves around projects and how complex their lifecycle can be. That’s why it was made to support these critical project lifecycle stages.

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Your firm focuses on projects. Your CRM should too.

TrebleHook shares the same focus as your AEC firm – Projects. It understands that your business revolves around Projects and how complex their lifecycle can be. It provides an easy-to-use experience and a single source of truth for accessing your past, current, and future project data. TrebleHook supports the critical project lifecycle stages that your firm uses.

Your business development and marketing teams shouldn’t have to struggle.

Is your pipeline unpredictable?

Is anyone using your current CRM system?

Do different divisions and locations do things differently?

You deserve to have a fully connected system that is easy to roll out and easy to use. TrebleHook, along with our team of AEC experts, gets you Pursuing and Landing the Right Projects in 30 Days or less.

Built utilizing the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce, TrebleHook helps AEC teams:

Centralize Project Data

With TrebleHook, you can centralize all your company’s essential project and financial data into one powerful system – effortlessly integrating with any third-party provider.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Strengthen your customer relationships by keeping track of their vital information, helping to foster better communication and collaboration with prospects, partners, and consultants.

Pursue and Land the Right Projects

Don’t let time-consuming, unprofitable projects get in the way of success. With TrebleHook’s powerful project tracking and scoring metrics, you can make informed decisions that will help guide your journey to greater accomplishments. Catch those big opportunities with ease.

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“You can have a process all day long, but if you don’t have a system to monitor compliance or to generate compliance, it’s like the output data is only as good as the data that you put in.”

Evan Stone
VP of Sales & Marketing, Eco Engineering

“We wanted something easy-to-use and a solution that everybody understands. With TrebleHook, that’s what we’ve received, and we feel that the solution will grow with our business far into the future.”

John Baker
Director of Marketing, O’Neal, Inc.