Why General CRM Systems Don’t Work for AEC Firms

CRM systems are a great way for businesses of all industries to track customer data and interactions, but they often fail to meet the specific needs of AEC firms. The reason? Most CRMs were built with product sales in mind rather than project pursuits like architecture or engineering projects, meaning these types’ requirements go unmet when using them as intended.

Let’s look at why typical CRM systems don’t work for AEC firms and how using an AEC-specific solution can enhance your firm.

General CRM systems simply don’t work for AEC firms – here’s why

It’s no secret that digital transformation strategies are critical for the future of the AEC industry. As part of this strategy, firms are looking for digital solutions, like CRMs, to enhance their company processes so their staff can focus on pursuing projects ideal for their businesses. They need a platform that reduces manual, mundane tasks and provides other time-saving features.

Unfortunately, most CRM systems weren’t built to manage the complexities of AEC projects. Firms need a solution that provides easy-to-read and accurate project data, customer relationship management features, automated document generation tools, team collaboration, and automated reporting. While most CRM solutions are great for product sales and customer relationships, they don’t have the tools or features to support project pursuits.

An AEC-specific CRM makes your firm efficient and profitable.

Luckily, there is a solution – AEC-specific CRM systems like TrebleHook. These systems are designed specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction firms and provide a way to centralize project data and track customer relationships. This makes it easier for firms to make informed decisions about which projects to pursue and helps them build stronger relationships with their customers.

Because TrebleHook leverages the Salesforce platform, it has proven features and functionality. This allows firms to customize their workflow, automate manual tasks, and streamline customer relationships so they can focus on what matters. AEC-specific CRM systems not only make your firm more efficient and profitable, but they also help you attract the best new talent.

TrebleHook is built for projects, not products.

When you’re in the middle of a project, time is your enemy. The faster that tasks can be completed and reported on for decision-making purposes – well, then everyone benefits!

  • Marketing teams will have no problem generating proposals or other important documents quickly.
  • Executives and Principals can make data-driven decisions using powerful dashboards and reporting.
  • Business Developers get an extra edge thanks to email AND call logging capabilities built right into TrebleHook–allowing them more opportunities than ever before
TrebleHook Construction CRM Software

The Chatter feature in TrebleHook makes communicating with team members on projects and accounts easy.

The Chatter feature in TrebleHook is a great way to consolidate all internal communication on Projects and Accounts from any device. With Chatter, you can easily communicate with team members working on the same project or with the same customer. This makes it easier for everyone to stay informed about what is happening with the project and helps to ensure that everyone is working together effectively.

TrebleHook allows you to keep track of your tasks and activities so that you never lose track of anything.

TrebleHook makes it easy to keep track of all your tasks and activities with its robust reporting features. You can easily see which tasks are overdue, which are in progress, and which have been completed. This allows Business Developers to constantly stay on top of their work and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Additionally, they can use the activity timeline feature to see a chronological list of all the activities that have occurred for a particular customer or project. This makes it easy to get a snapshot of all your team’s interactions with a customer or see how a project has progressed over time.

With TrebleHook, you can create custom dashboards and reports to track any important metric to your business.

TrebleHook’s dashboards and reporting are some of the most powerful in the industry. With TrebleHook, you can create custom dashboards and reports to help you track any metric that is important to your business. Additionally, you can share dashboards and reports with other team members, so everyone can access the same information. This allows executives and principals to make data-driven and efficient decisions, business developers to stay on top of their work, and marketing teams to quickly generate proposals and other important documents.

Marketing teams can use TrebleHook to export project information to create professional proposals.

Marketing teams can export project information to their favorite tools like Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and more to help them quickly create proposals and other important documents. With TrebleHook, they can easily access all the information they need to create professional and accurate proposals.

Automating tedious tasks can free up time to focus on the things that matter.

Work smarter, not harder: automate or create workflows for virtually any process in your business. This way, you can focus on the things that really matter and leave the tedious tasks to the AI.

TrebleHook allows you to work from anywhere by giving you access to your data on any device.

The ability to work from anywhere is a great advantage, and TrebleHook makes it easy. You can access your data on any device while staying productive without having an office space or being tied down by cables in one place!

AEC-specific CRMs like TrebleHook help manage tasks, activities, and projects while considering the unique needs of the AEC industry.

If you’re still using a general CRM system to manage your AEC business, it’s time for a change. AEC-specific CRMs like TrebleHook make your firm efficient and profitable by considering the industry’s unique needs.

With TrebleHook, you can keep track of tasks, activities, and projects so that you never lose focus or fall behind. The Chatter feature makes communicating with team members on projects easy, and the ability to export project information to proposals is a huge bonus for marketing teams. And finally, who wouldn’t love the freedom to work from anywhere? Get a free demo of TrebleHook today and see how this powerful CRM can help streamline your business processes.

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