A Construction CRM Built for Industry Professionals

TrebleHook is a construction CRM designed to help Executives, Marketers, and Business Developers track, identify and pursue the right projects for their firm.

Experience the TrebleHook Difference

The TrebleHook Difference - Construction CRM


TrebleHook is built for construction projects, not products, and aligns with your processes and systems within the construction industry.


Leveraging the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, TrebleHook integrates with thousands of apps and scales to grow with your firm.

Decades of Experience

TrebleHook has extensive AEC industry knowledge and provides customizable support to fit your business.

Executives gain visibility into their firm’s data.

Leadership needs clear visibility into the health of their business so they can make the best decisions for their firm. They want software that gives them the highest return on investment (ROI).

With TrebleHook, Executives:

  • Mitigate risk to the business while driving more predictable revenue
  • Gain real-time visibility with powerful dashboards and key reporting capability
  • TrebleHook is the single source of truth for pursuit and project data at a glance
  • Identify top clients and projects
  • Increase margins by pursuing more of the “right” projects

Marketers need systems and processes that save them time.

Marketers need systems and processes that save them time and help them do what they do best: create better proposals faster. They want software that helps them meet deadlines and create the best proposals possible to win new work.

With TrebleHook, Marketers:

  • Can increase production and hit/win rates
  • Easily search and locate relevant pursuit and past project data
  • Generate documents on demand: proposals, resumes, qualification packages
  • Improve communications with team members
  • Create and store boilerplate templates

Business Developers win more work and stay on top of existing and potential clients.

Business Developers need to win more new work for the firm. They want to stay on top of existing and potential new clients and upcoming projects.

With TrebleHook, Business Developers:

  • Easily track and manage tasks, leads, opportunities, clients, pipeline
  • Automatically log calls and emails, attach activities to contacts, clients, projects
  • Access critical data from anywhere, desk, phone, tablet, email
  • See which of their colleagues have relationships with a client or project
  • Know their best clients and potential new projects and where to focus efforts

Built for Construction Firms Like You

Manage your sales process and project pipeline

Identify ideal clients and projects based on past project data

Track and manage activities with key contacts and clients

Centralize project data for comprehensive insights into everything related to your projects

Integrate with other key systems (ERP, Project Management, Marketing Automation, and more)

Data visualization with powerful dashboarding and industry-specific reporting