Fully-Customizable CRM for Architecture Firms

Pursue and land the right projects with TrebleHook CRM, built for architecture firms.

Experience the TrebleHook Difference

TrebleHook is an intuitive, easy-to-use CRM built on the Salesforce platform that puts winning new work within reach. Our team has decades of experience in AEC and understands the pain points that firms face when pursuing new work. Because of this, TrebleHook was developed to help architecture firms succeed.

Made for the Architecture industry

CRM software tailored to the unique requirements of architecture firms is crucial. We crafted TrebleHook to address these needs, offering many essential features for effective project pursuit.


TrebleHook takes the power of Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, and tailors it specifically for architecture firms. TrebleHook’s pre-customized features empower architecture professionals to manage projects efficiently, saving time and effort while staying organized.

Decades of Experience

We understand the challenges firms face when trying to win new work in the Architecture industry. TrebleHook frees your time up to do what you do best – design amazing structures.

Principals & Executives make data-driven decisions based on accurate data.

Principals & Executives have a demanding role at architecture firms. They are tasked with making critical decisions that directly impact the success of their projects and the firm. TrebleHook helps executives make data-driven decisions with its intuitive interface, easy-to-use tools, and comprehensive reports.

With TrebleHook, Executives can:

  • Reduce the risk to your business while increasing your revenue
  • See everything that’s happening as it happens with convenient dashboards and robust reporting tools.
  • TrebleHook consolidates your pursuit and project data so you can easily reference it in one place.
  • Identify top clients and projects
  • Increase margins by pursuing more of the “right” projects
Company Dashboard for Executives and Principals - TrebleHook
Potential Project Record Screen for Marketers and Business Developers - TrebleHook

Marketers increase their production with automatic document generation tools and accessible project data.

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and architecture firms are no exception. Marketing professionals help firms attract new leads and cultivate relationships with clients, all while promoting the firm’s brand.

With TrebleHook, Marketers:

  • Increase production and hit/win rates
  • Easily search and locate relevant project data
  • Generate proposals, resumes, qualification packages, and other documents on demand
  • Improve communications with team members
  • Create and store document templates

Business Developers win more work and stay on top of existing and potential clients.

Business developers are tasked with winning new work and managing relationships. This can be a daunting task, especially when juggling multiple clients and projects at once. The TrebleHook CRM makes it easy to stay on top of your leads and relationships while pursuing new work.

With TrebleHook’s intuitive interface, business developers can:

  • Easily search and filter leads
  • Track connections and conversations
  • Generate accurate reports in minutes
  • Stay organized and efficient with workflows, task lists, and CRM automation (automatic email and call logging)
  • Access critical data from anywhere
Contact screen view with mobile menu for Business Developers - TrebleHook AEC CRM

Manage & build relationships as a team, from project start to project finish

As an engineer or architect, your contacts list is seemingly limitless; from partners and vendors to bosses, current clients, colleagues, potential customers, and industry experts – all of which are housed in various digital forms such as email inboxes or social media platforms like LinkedIn & Twitter. Your team wants to focus on the right clients.

With TrebleHook, all this data is centralized for easy access and improved collaboration with your team. TrebleHook enables you to build relationships as a team and nurture those connections in an organized way. By consolidating your contact information into one platform, you can quickly build meaningful relationships and track projects from start to finish.

Integrate with the software you know and love

TrebleHook integrates seamlessly with project management software like Deltek Ajera, Asana, and Basecamp. All your data can be synced across multiple platforms, so you never have to worry about missing an important update or task. Plus, it’s easy to integrate with other software like Outlook and Google Calendar, which makes it even easier to stay organized and connected with your team. With TrebleHook, keeping track of projects is a breeze!

We provide expert help with setup, training, and troubleshooting

TrebleHook’s integrations and customer service team is committed to providing the best experience possible for clients. Our team of experts can help with any questions or problems, from setup and training to troubleshooting and custom reports. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of TrebleHook so they can save time and focus on more important tasks.

Give your clients an amazing experience

TrebleHook makes it easy to cultivate and manage client relationships. With our automated sales process tools, you can send follow-up emails and track the progress of your client’s projects. As a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, TrebleHook makes it easy to stay on top of customer communications and ensure clients get the best possible experience with your firm. TrebleHook is here to help you create lasting relationships with clients at the right time.

By streamlining workflow processes, improving communication, and giving clients an amazing experience, TrebleHook helps firms grow their business faster than ever before. Our powerful platform is designed to save time and help businesses reach their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do architects use CRM software on a daily basis?

CRM software can be invaluable for architects, helping them to stay organized and cultivate existing client relationships. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it does just that. For architecture firms, it helps the user track important client information such as job history, contact details, and preferences, so all relevant information is stored in one place.

Daily, CRM software can help architects reach out to clients with follow-ups, save time by helping avoid double entry of client data, create automated processes such as thank you emails when clients sign off on projects and allow designers to keep better records of progress made on current projects. CRM ensures that architects don’t miss any important communication or data related to projects they’re working on.

What is the difference between CRM software and Project Management software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and Project Management software both streamline business processes for architecture firms, but they are designed to meet different objectives.

CRM software focuses on improving customer relationships through marketing, business development, and customer service. By utilizing a CRM, architecture firms can track customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, establish automated workflow processes, deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels, and collaborate with colleagues to share resources and ideas.

On the other hand, Project Management software helps organizations plan various projects from conception to completion. It helps track tasks and assign jobs to teams led by project managers. Additionally, it provides detailed insights into timelines, workloads, and budgets while highlighting potential issues in real time so they can be addressed before the project is delayed or exceeds the budget. Therefore CRMs and Project Management software have their own distinct advantages when it comes to helping architecture firms operate more efficiently and profitably.

Built for Architecture Firms Like Yours

Manage your sales process and project pipeline

Identify ideal clients and projects based on past project data

Track and manage activities with key contacts and clients

Centralize project data for comprehensive insights into everything related to your projects

Integrate with other key systems (ERP, Project Management, Marketing Automation, and more)

Data visualization with powerful dashboarding and industry-specific reporting