In the ultra-competitive AEC industry, digital data is crucial for firms to stay ahead of the competition. The problem? Managing excessive amounts of data is a huge time drain (not to mention a headache) for staff.

The more you touch the data, the more likely you will make errors when transferring it from one spreadsheet to another. Let’s be honest; it’s also not fun duplicating the project data entries into multiple spreadsheets either. Thankfully for AEC firms experiencing this problem, there is a solution!

Welcome to the first installment of our “Did You Know” series. In this series, we’ll be unapologetically discussing some amazing features of TrebleHook that you may be unaware of that will enhance your processes like you’ve never experienced before.

First up on our list is Connectivity. Let’s talk about that.

What is TrebleHook?

For those unaware, I wanted to briefly touch on what TrebleHook is.

TrebleHook is a trailblazer concerning the software category it falls under. If you’re an AEC firm, you’re familiar with project management software. We’re not that (more on our connection to project management software to come later in this article).

TrebleHook is an AEC CRM and Project Pursuit platform specifically built for AEC firms. We know there are loads of CRM solutions on the market. But do they work well for AEC firms?

Through our 50 years of industry experience with our sister company, TPM, we accumulated a ton of knowledge about what firms need in a CRM. One of the biggest needs is a centralized system to view projects, associated contacts, and project-specific data. Customer feedback is what we used to build TrebleHook in the first place.

But we didn’t want to just settle for an average CRM platform. We leveraged the world’s number one CRM platform, Salesforce, and customized it to fit the needs of AEC firms out of the box.

So what does this mean? TrebleHook gives our customers all the benefits of Salesforce’s underlying structure, reporting, automated workflow capabilities, security, and reliability. However, TrebleHook is customized to meet industry-specific needs and understands the complexities of the project sales cycle.

If you want to learn more about TrebleHook’s origins, we’ve covered that.

Why is it important to have connected project data?

Now that you know what TrebleHook is, let’s consider the general importance of connected project data.

Have you ever slugged through a spreadsheet or antiquated system and thought, “There must be a better way.” If you have, you’re not alone. We hear it all the time.

“I have project pursuit data in several different places, and I must find what I need and email it to someone else so they can punch it in on whatever system they use.” Then they complete their task and email that data down the chain. A miserable cycle, right?

We all know that manual processes are a huge time drain. Similarly, do you have confidence that each time you enter this data into a different system, you enter it accurately? Probably not. That’s why automatically connecting all that data in a centralized, easy-to-access platform is vital.

Simply put, having a platform that understands AEC project complexities is great. Having that same platform connect stakeholders and project data in a centralized system is fantastic (at least, that’s what our customers say).

How does TrebleHook connect project data?

Project Management Systems

Now, you may ask yourself, “That’s all well and good, but what about our project managers that use project management software?” TrebleHook can save them time and give them more visibility by integrating with popular Project Management systems like Procore and Autodesk Build.

No matter your firm’s project management solution, TrebleHook (and our awesome integrations team) can integrate with any cloud or on-premise solution that we can access. Furthermore, we can both push and pull data. Front-load data to save your project managers time. Pull data back to TrebleHook so others can easily see things related to project progress.

ERP Systems

Now that we’ve talked about TrebleHook’s easy integration with your current project management software. Let’s discuss how well it plays with your ERP system, whether Deltek, Sage, or Viewpoint.

Think about it. All your crucial project details, financials, and resources, all smoothly connected and communicating in one system. This doesn’t just give you a neat view of projects; it truly transforms how you manage operations. Forget jumping between platforms and embrace an all-in-one, efficient solution.

With TrebleHook’s ability to integrate with other solutions, leveraging your project data and ERP systems becomes seamless and effortless. Its practicality meets innovation in the best way possible.

Whether connected to a financial ERP or Project Management system, having project data at users’ fingertips brings endless benefits. Marketers can leverage data for future proposals, updating resumes, and project spotlights. Executives get instant and accurate insights into project pursuits and the overall health of the business from which they can make more informed business decisions. Business developers are armed to the teeth with up-to-date contact, client, and project information for client engagement (even on the go).

Lastly, while we covered two of the major integration capabilities in TrebleHook, there are, of course, more. Platforms like marketing automation, HR software, scheduling, and estimating can all be integrated into TrebleHook as well.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – the heart of TrebleHook and its powerful Connectivity features. This is not just about managing data. It’s about providing tools to make processes more efficient, enhance collaboration, and, ultimately, help your firm succeed.

No more juggling between platforms or struggling with disparate data sources. With TrebleHook, it all comes together seamlessly, creating a comprehensive, connected ecosystem that supports your firm’s unique needs.

As we move forward in our “Did You Know” series, we’ll continue to explore how TrebleHook can revolutionize your workflows and catalyze your firm’s growth. So, stay tuned; the future of AEC project pursuit is here.

Happy pursuit!