Today we are sitting down with TrebleHook’s Director of Product Development, Michael Sproles. Michael answers questions about why he joined TrebleHook and what makes TrebleHook a unique AEC CRM solution.

Tell Us Your Name and What You Do for TrebleHook

My name is Michael Sproles, and I am currently the Director of Product Development at TrebleHook. I am responsible for managing TrebleHook’s technical team and product development roadmap. Our team develops and implements the product and provides training and support to our customers.

What Did You Do Before Coming on Board?

I have 24 years of experience in sales and sales management. Most of that time, I have focused on customers in the AEC and Manufacturing spaces creating solutions to optimize their design and workflows. In 2020, I officially took on the role of Director of Sales Operations at TrebleHook’s sister company, TPM, focusing on managing and optimizing technology platforms and processes to create efficiencies for our sales and operations teams.

Why Did You Join TrebleHook?

I joined TrebleHook to have the opportunity to be involved with something from the ground up and saw a fantastic opportunity in the AEC space. There are not always a lot of opportunities to do that and be part of something where we are truly unique in our space, and I find that very exciting. Also, I love working in Salesforce, so it allowed me to challenge myself and develop my skills working with the platform.

Why Are You a Fan of CRM Software?

As a former sales rep, I immediately fell in love with CRM due to the value it brought me. By allowing me to focus my efforts, I worked smarter, not harder.

Data is integral to knowing what to do and when to do it, and for a sales rep, efficiency is critical. Using data to make decisions gave me confidence in our plans on the management side. Too often, anecdotal data become the narrative, so analyzing the data allowed me to cut through the false narratives and see what needed focus.

CRM allows managers to digest the data to make decisions based on timely, up-to-the-minute information. That information can originate in many different places; accounting, HR, ERP, and marketing. CRM allows us to bring it all together to provide visibility across the enterprise.

What Excites You the Most About TrebleHook?

It’s exciting to be involved with a product from the ground up, and the response we are seeing from our customers and prospects has illuminated the need for a solution like this. Having been in business for less than one year, seeing the feedback from customers and how we are already on track to beat our first-year forecast gives tremendous credibility to the solution we created and validates why we have worked so hard on this project.

I look forward to seeing how we can continue to develop this product to meet the needs of the AEC market and eventually look outside into other markets that may face similar problems.

In Your Opinion, What Makes TrebleHook Unique?

TrebleHook is unique in that it is built from the ground up specifically for firms in the AEC market. The current AEC market has a variety of solutions out there, but nothing with the power of TrebleHook. Additionally, we chose to build the solution on the Salesforce platform, the number one CRM platform in the world.

Leveraging this platform gives us tremendous power and flexibility to solve complex problems for our customers while giving them the most intuitive and easy-to-use solution on the market. So, combining our 50 years of experience in the AEC industry, knowing what our customer’s needs are combined with the power of Salesforce brings the perfect solution for Executives, Business Developers, and Marketing Professionals.

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